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These pages are hosted by Inte Onsman (The Netherlands) and Dirk van den Abeele (Belgium)
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Renaming Colour Morphs in Psittacine Birds

Revised Names for Indian Ringnecks REVISED !

Help in Identifying Colour Morphs in Psittacine Birds NEW !

Indian Ringneck Genetics REVISED !

Why the "yellow headed cinnamon" is not a cinnamon and renaming the "lacewing"

Current Research Projects

Evidence for allelism of the a-locus in Psittacine Species.

Arrangement of two Sex-linked Characters in Canaries Compared to their Equivalents in Psittacine Species. NEW !

The Cinnamon Dilemma in Agapornis roseicollis NEW !

Mapping the Z-chromosome in Agapornis roseicollis (research project)

Genetic Symbols for Agapornis roseicollis

Genetic Symbols for Eye Ringed Lovebirds

Genetic Symbols for Indian Ringnecks NEW !

Explanation of used Symbols

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