Breath Relaxation: an overview of existing regular courses, in Dutch

Introductory course

< 20 hours

Basic course

50 hours

Full education

> 150 hours

NPI: treatment of patients with hyperventilation complaints, three days


NHS: basic course Relaxation Instruction, 6 days (stopped in 2003)


NPI: Cardiac Rehabilitation, 5 hours

NPI: Breathing Therapy, 8 days course

to be continued at BTC

BUC: Relaxation 1 (stopped in 2003)

BUC: Relaxation part 2 and 3 (stopped in 2003)

 S&N, Relaxation 12 hours

BTC: Certification course Breath Relaxation

Basic course

2nd year
Certificate Breathing and Relaxation Therapy- Van Dixhoorn Method   3rd year

BTC: Breathing Therapy Centre

NPI: Dutch Paramedic Institute

NHS: Dutch Heart Foundation

BUC: BeNeLux University Foundation- master course Stress Management

S&N: Schouten & Nelissen, master course Stress Management

English language courses

Clinical Strategies for Breath Modification

A preconference course on Sunday 25th October, Berlin, as part of ISARP, the 16th Annual meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology, 25-27 october

Information and registration: ISARP