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For the curious amongst us I have collected a reasonable number of randomly chosen sites about UFOs and related subjects.

Suggested UFO website
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 05:15:14 -0700
From: Larry Hatch
Visit the fast loading (non-commercial) pages of the *U* UFO Database website. With thanks to Larry Hatch

Research project, aiming for disclosure of secret information about unidentified flying objects, extraterrestrial intelligence and advanced technology The Disclosure Project
The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is an international scientific research institute which will contribute to our knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligence. CSETI is founded in 1990 by Steven Greer CSETI
SpiritWeb is a well known New Age site. Started in 1993 SpiritWeb
A tabloid-like site, claiming to diclose secret government information The Black Vault
Exists since 1974, claims to have the most comprehensive covering on this subject. Need we say more? National UFO Reporting Center
The ufologist Claude DiDomenica publishes a newsletter about news and views about UFO's. Subscribe, and/or search the archive Claude's Commentary

  1. About.com's UFOs site - with thanks to Jonathan Lackman.
  2. The "real" Roswell pictures (60 kb)
  3. Roswell report online (case closed)
  4. SETI Institute
  5. George Adamski Foundation
  6. The unexplained page
  7. Ufonet - Het laatste nieuws over ufo's, ufo-waarnemingen, graancirkels etc. (in Dutch)

Some Zines:
  1. The Fortean Times - UFO Related Zine
  2. Georgia Skeptic - Skeptics Zine
  3. Saucer Smear - UFO Related Zine
  4. The Skeptic - Skeptics Zine
  5. Skeptic Magazine - Skeptics Zine

News groups

The list below is derived from my database which contains all news groups I have access to. I have searched for terms like alien, ufo, abduction, extraterrestrial and so on. If you want to know which news groups deal with a particular subject (other than this one, of course), just email your question to cor@euronet.nl and I will do a free database search for you.

  1. alt.alien.research
  2. alt.alien.visitors
  3. alt.conspiracy
  4. alt.conspiracy.area51
  5. alt.paranet.abduct
  6. alt.paranet.ufo
  7. alt.sex.aliens
  8. alt.sex.extraterrestrial
  9. alt.ufo.reports
  10. de.alt.ufo
Other: Nellis Air Force Base

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