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Added August 11, 2004

I visited your website and noticed that you have an interest in IQ tests. I would be very grateful if you could include a link to my site as well.
My site features a 15 minute IQ test and provides 25 pages of analysis packed with graphs, information, statistics, advice, and career tips! This analysis is completely free unlike the majority of other sites which charge for this infomation. I am confident that the test will be a helpful resource for your site's visitors and that they will also find it entertaining!
Please also feel free to get a return link back to your site here.
Thanks very much for considering my site, here is a sample title and description:
IQ Test Labs. Online IQ test - take this 15 minute quiz and get your score and free 25 page analysis.
IQ Test Labs

Added November 9, 2003

Emode test
Enigmus's House of Head Games - The theme is IQ tests, conundrums and the high IQ community. I even have an entrance exam for the Poetic Genius Society which accepts people who have scored at or above the 99.5th percentile on a recognized intelligence test. Check it out! Thanks.
With thanks to Tommy Smith

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Added March 7, 1999

Stichting Kinder- en JongerenAcademie / Foundation of Childred and Youth Academy
Themapagina hoogbegaafdheid / theme page for the highly gifted:
Stichting Kinder- en JongerenAcademie:
Meer informatie over hoogbegaafdheid vindt U op / More information (in Dutch) at:
Tevens de mogelijkheid om aan te melden voor drie mailingslists hoogbegaafdheid. / You can apply for three mailing lists as well (Dutch language.)

Added June 5, 1998

The links below point to sites which have been updated between January 1 and June 4, 1998.

  1. IQ Test in the traditional way - More than 50 IQ tests, personality tests and entrepreneurial tests on the WWW. Test your intelligence, personality type or your talents as an business
    Last modified 2-Apr-98 - page size 14K - in English

  2. brainfood - Back Home (update 3/27/98) Brain Food. Food for the Brain (puzzle) 130+
    Last modified 27-Mar-98 - page size 16K - in English

  3. Designer Mall - Welcome to IQ & Personality Tests! Type A personality Test. The Underwear Personality Quiz. The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (Version 2.0)
    Last modified 2-Jan-98 - page size 3K - in English

  4. Internet Test Resources - Internet Test Resources. Eric Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation A comprehensive web site that includes the ERIC/AE, Buros, and Pro-Ed Test...
    Last modified 4-Apr-98 - page size 6K - in English

  5. Psychology/IQ - Psychology/IQ. IQ organizations. Mensa. Other IQ Societies. The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) IQ tests. European IQ tests.
    Last modified 16-Dec-98 - page size 4K - in English

  6. Assessments Tools and Tests - Get Tested. College Prep Career Choices | General Knowledge | Psychology Knowledge Mental and Emotional Health | General Health and Lifestyle Nutrition...
    Last modified 4-Apr-98 - page size 23K - in English

  7. The Brain Center - Test and exercise your brain: Standard IQ Test. Want to compare your IQ with others? An official IQ test Site.
    Last modified 1-Apr-98 - page size 7K - in English

  8. NZZ Format: Sendung - Noch mehr Fakten - Tips - Berechnen Sie Ihren Intelligenz-Quotienten (IQ) im Internet! Die folgenden IQ-Tests im Internet sind von unterschiedlicher Qualität.
    Last modified 10-Feb-98 - page size 5K - in German

  9. IQ TEST - TEST YOUR IQ. The Mensa Workout. Are you Mensa material? Mensa Canada Home Page 10-minute workout. The Comar IQ Tests e-mailed test results. Braintainment..
    Last modified 13-May-98 - page size 1K - in English

  10. Astromind is a privately owned cognitive research and development project located in Iceland.
    Last modified 28-Jan-98 - page size 7K - in English

  11. Sean's List of Online Tests - Online Tests. Here you will find a collection of intelligence, personality, and general aptitude tests that are located on the World Wide Web.
    Last modified 21-Feb-98 - page size 35K - in English

  12. Testing Resources - Education Web Resources - Testing Resources. IMC Home Page. Campus/Local Resources. IMC Overview. IMC User Guides. Education Web Resources.
    Last modified 18-Feb-98 - page size 11K - in English

  13. Berechnen Sie Ihren Intelligenz-Quotienten (IQ) im Internet! - Die folgenden IQ-Tests im Internet sind von unterschiedlicher Qualität
    Last modified 17-Feb-98 - page size 1K - in German

  14. Personality Online Links - IQ Tests. Braintainment Center: Wisdom IQ Test. Comar IQ Tests. European IQ-test. IQ Paradise - lots of frequently updated IQ tests for all to attempt....
    Last modified 13-Jan-98 - page size 1K - in English

  15. Brain Games - Work those Neurons! - IQ, EQ and personality tests. Puzzles, quizzes, crosswords, wordplay and trivia.
    Last modified 2-Apr-98 - page size 15K - in English

  16. Personality/IQ/Vocation Tests - Eaglelink Source for Personality, IQ, and Vocation Tests
    Last modified 24-Feb-98 - page size 5K - in English

  17. Test Junkie: Collection of tests on WWW - Body-Mind QueenDom
    Last modified 11-Apr-98 - page size 29K

  18. IQ and Personality Tests. [GO] Keirsey Temperament Sorter- Jungian Personality Test. [GO] Purity Tests. [GO] Barbarian's Online Tests
    Last modified 9-Apr-98 - page size 3K - in English

  19. Rottus' Genius IQ Test - IQ LINKS. This page contains a list of my favorite IQ sites. It's not planned to be a complete list of all tests.
    Last modified 12-May-98 - page size 4K - in English

  20. Nikos proposed Test Links - Lot of IQ tests
    Last modified 18-Apr-98 - page size 11K - in English

  21. Student Links - Educational | Online Games | IQ Tests | Personality Tests
    Last modified 23-Mar-98 - page size 19K - in English

  22. What Were You Thinking? - C.G. Jung's Home Page. The Comar IQ Tests. Stress-O-Rama Quiz: Anger. Adrenalin Junkie Quiz. Tests, Tests, Tests... The Thinking...
    Last modified 23-Feb-98 - page size 2K - in English

  23. Tests. Dopey Web IQ Test If you got a sense of humor and the time to kill, go try this one!! Also a good relaxing test before you start all the other...
    Last modified 12-May-98 - page size 3K - in English

  24. IQ Test - Intermediair Online is een site met honderden actuele vacatures voor hoogopgeleiden, uitgebreide informatie over arbeidsmarkt- en ...
    Last modified 27-Mar-98 - page size 20K - in Dutch

  25. Alaska Mensa Link List - Mensa Alaska Links. High IQ Specific. Societies. American Mensa Groups. American Mensa Home Page North Alabama - Huntsville Mensa Alaska Boston...
    Last modified 15-May-98 - page size 63K - in English

  26. Mensa Trondheims proposed Test Links - Mensa Trondheim 228 7034 Trondheim Tel: 917 81 286. IQ tests. We have added our own proposed COMMENTS/SOLUTIONS to test...
    Last modified 9-May-98 - page size 9K - in English

  27. Sherlock Holms's study room - Here is my own collection of some curious math problems. Currently there are 71 problems, but there are more on the way. If you would like to contribute...
    Last modified 22-Apr-98 - page size 8K - in English

  28. Annotated links - Here are several IQ tests that are available on Internet for free. They will not give the most accurate IQ number, but they do provide a good...
    Last modified 11-May-98 - page size 8K - in English

  29. Links to IQ tests & puzzles - To have your page listed here or on another one of my links pages, please see this note....
    Last modified 6-May-98 - page size 8K - in English

  30. IQ Tests - Test your intelligence with these I.Q. Tests, Links online. This site contains the best IQ and EQ tests from all over the internet.
    Last modified 20-Apr-98 - page size 4K - in English

Added September 4, 1997

  1. Bill Bultas offers a test that comes with answers and ranking scale.

Found June 17, 1997

  1. BEHOO-IQ Test - Taichung's Internet Guide. Come and visit us, check out the jokes, games, and fun links. We are the first and best Internet guide for Taichung City - size 3K - 4 Jan 97

  2. Interesting Links - There is without doubt a myriad of resources on the internet, and a profusion of search engines that that simplify the job of locating.. - size 7K - 29 Dec 96

  3. Sherlock Holms's study room - Here is my own archive of the math problems. It started off as a list of several puzzles and curious questions, taken from my old notes. Recently I... - size 6K - 27 Feb 97

  4. Martin Grape's Bookmarks - Bookstores. Addison Wesley Longman. Book Stacks - Home Page. BookWire Home Page. Del Rey Homepage. Future Fantasy Bookstore -... - size 66K - 28 Feb 97

  5. Uni-GH Siegen. FOMAAS - Arbeits- und Interessengebiete von A. Rottler - Betriebsfeste Auslegung und Optimierung von Schienenfahrzeugen unter Anwendung von Substrukturtechnik und... - size 4K - 26 Nov 96

  6. Psychology, Sociology and Related WWW Sites - Psychology, Sociology and Related WWW Sites. IQ Sites. I took an IQ test once. I was expelled for plagiarism. Mind Matters General discussions, MENSA... - size 2K - 10 Sep 96

  7. Jae Walker's Bookmarks - Home Pages. Home pages of my friends - most of whom have much better pages than I have! Anders Sandberg's Home Page. Bloofer's... - size 14K - 20 Nov 96

  8. Measuring Intelligence - Home. Training. Articles. Guest Book. Learn More. Links. INTELLIGENCE. Definition. Increase. Compare. Property. On line Web sites.. - size 2K - 20 Sep 96

  9. You Shoulda Been There Web Links - So it's been years since you took an IQ test, and you seem to remember your mother telling you you're a genius ... but maybe it's time for a checkup. The.. - size 6K - 4 Mar 97

  10. Barbara's Home Page - feather.aiff. Welcome to homepage of. This page is under construction! I AM ...... Hello! I am Barbara, a computer Science student of The Hong Kong... - size 5K - 11 Sep 96

  11. Spirit to Spirit: Web links - Spirit to Spirit -- A wealth of material for the spiritual traveler. - size 27K - 6 Mar 97

  12. Luis Paulo Gonçalves dos Reis's Logic Puzzles and Games Page - If you like to stretch your gray matter then this page is for you! Logic Puzzles.... - size 23K - 17 Feb 97

  13. Test Yourself! - This page is intended to be FUN...Don't take any of it too seriously, remember that you create your own destiny no matter what a test... - size 9K - 16 Mar 97

  14. Test Junkie Body-Mind QueenDom's Test Collection. - Personality Tests. Funny personality tests. Mental and Emotional Health Assessment. General Health and... - size 23K - 10 Apr 97

  15. wena's Home Page - THE WONDERFUL MUNDO OF. ThE pOw PoW pAtCh. WARNING: the WENA is stuck in green mode... sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. and... - size 2K - 29 Apr 97

  16. IQ. The secrets of IQ: Barbarian's Online Tests Page. Braintainment Center: Wisdom IQ Test. European IQ-test (up to 174) IQ TEST - Intellectual Tests.... - size 2K - 15 May 97

Found November 23, 1996

  1. No Title - Fun stuff Games Hacking Home Pages Magic: The Gathering Misc stuff MU*'s Personality types Robotech Star Trek WWW. Fun stuff. The Advanced [infamous]... - size 59K - 24 May 96

  2. SUCCESS(FUL) Tests resource page.. - THE SUCCESS(FUL) TESTING CENTER. Brought to you by: SUCCESS.IE The Success Gathering Place. © Copyright - size 3K - 25 May 96

  3. Intellectual Assessment - Welcome to the intellectual and cognitive abilities assessment course taught in the Department of Clinical & Health Psychology,... - size 3K - 18 Apr 96

  4. IQ Tests - Test Your IQ Online! Here is a nice collection of IQ tests from various places about the internet. We at HOT ROD YOUR HEAD! believe that intelligence... - size 1K - 4 May 96

  5. Linking Is Crazy - A LINK TO THE WORLD. If You've Found A Site That Looks Interesting And Deserves A Place In The List Below; Or You've Found A Link That Does Not Work, let me know. - size 8K - 10 Jun 96

  6. Lynx Bookmarks - Nate's Sausage Page. People I know (or maybe not) Col Reid has a pretty cool page. Dave Calam seems to have eschewed the visual extravaganza of the Web... - size 21K - 17 Jun 96

  7. Tom Craig's Home Page'aroony - the obligatory home page. Hey. Ok, I have a theme now. Anosmia. I haven't been able to smell since birth, blah, blah, so this section of my page is... - size 6K - 7 Jun 96

  8. IQ Tests on the Web - European I.Q. Test. The Internet IQ Test. Braintainment Center: Wisdom Test. Mensa Workout... - size 1K - 5 Jun 96

  9. Tom's Home Page - It's not COOL, it's not even graphic! It's just me... My name is Tom Hackett, and I live in upstate New York... - size 31K - 27 Sep 96

  10. Internet Resources Tests - Testing The Mind. Home. Training. Articles. Guest Book. Learn More. Links. Search. Greats. Trainings. Iceland. Awards. Books. Dictionaries. Businesses... - size 2K - 20 Sep 96 (probably obsolete)

  11. Thanh Le's Home Page - What's New! Thanks for stopping by! My home page is still under constant construction. so at this moment, it is just a personal home page that contains... - size 3K - 19 Oct 96

Found May 19, 1996

  1. Check out - since Feb 29th, 1996 - size 5K - 19 Apr 96

  2. Tests - IQ TEST: 30 minutes time limit/40 questions. European IQ-test: 20 minutes time limit/33 questions (Measures IQ up to 174) The Mensa Workout - size 3K - 13 Apr 96

  3. Test Your I.Q. - Try these tests. The Self-Scoring I.Q. Test. Brain Teasers. The Top Gun Quiz Page (is this going to show your I.Q.?) - size 2K - 20 Jan 96

  4. Catanza's Super Groovy List Of Links - Since 2/3/96. Groove out with those fortunate enough to be on the super groovy links list. Strange and Fun - size 20K - 31 Mar 96

  5. Linken is macht - Linken is link. Indien U een site gevonden hebt die interessant is en hier een plaats verdient; of er is een link die niet werkt; laat het me weten.... - size 7K - 25 Apr 96

  6. Ny side, nye muligheter - Dagens Dilbert Direkte til Dilbert arkivet. UFO sider. Butikka. Ut på tur. HTML. Usortert. Data. - size 9K - 21 Apr 96

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