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Acknowledgements, Prologue

Nitrogen from the cell to the plant: recent progress and perspectives, M.A. Martins-Loução and S.H. Lips

Section I; N uptake and assimilation
W.R. Ullrich and R. Tischner
Plasma membrane-bound nitrate reductase in the roots of higher plants
C. Stöhr, S. Wienkoop and W.R. Ullrich
Plasma membrane-bound nitrate reductase in plants - the current status of research
M. Kunze, J. Riedel, U. Lange and R.Tischner
Nitrate uptake as affected by nitrate reduction in barley seedlings
G. Jiao and S.H. Lips
Nitrate uptake, storage and reduction along the root axes of barley seedlings
G. Jiao, N.K. Barabas and S.H. Lips
Nitrogen nutrition of tea plants (Camellia sinensis L.) with special reference to green tea quality: a review
A. Morita, M. Ootal, S. Konishi, W.M.H.G. Engelaar and T.Yoneyama
Contribution of arbuscular mycorrhiza to uptake of organic and inorganic N in wheat and carrot
H.J. Hawkins, E. George and V. Römheld
Effect of rhizospheric bicarbonate on nitrate uptake, assimilation and transport in Populus canescens and Sambucus nigra
W. Wanek and M. Popp
Functional analysis of the nitrate reductase promoter from birch (Betula pendula)
T. Strater and W. Hachtel
Characterization of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Lde1 locus which is under light control
I. Gómez, A. Quesada and E. Fernández
Glutamine synthetase isoforms in Trientalis europaea: a biochemical and molecular approach
G. Parry, J. Woodall, S. Nuotio and J. Pearson
Structure-function relationships studies of glutamate synthase
P. Morandi, S. Ravasio, H. Stabile, B. Valzasina, F. Fischer and M.A. Vanoni

Section II; N metabolism regulation
B. Hirel and H-N. Truong
Manipulating the pathway of ammonia assimilation through genetic engineering and breeding.
Consequences on plant physiology and plant development
J. Harrison, N. Brugiere, B. Philipson, S. Ferrario-Mery, T. Becker, A. Limami and B. Hirel
Nitrate reductase in higher plants: post-translational regulation and comparison of rates of
nitrate reduction in vivo and of nitrate reductase activity in vitro
W.M. Kaiser, H-M. Man, A. Kandlbinder, J. Glaab and H. Weiner
The fungicide kresoxim-methyl increases leaf nitrate reductase activity
J. Glaab and W.M. Kaiser
Unusually low activation status of nitrate reductase in leaves of Ricinus communis L.
A. Kandlbinder and W.M. Kaiser
Regulation of nitrate reductase by abscisic acid in chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) roots
P. Goupil, N. Druart and S. Rambour
Glucose-6P dehydrogenase activities in barley roots upon NH4+ supply
S. Esposito, P. Carillo, S. Carfagna, V.M. Rigano, V. Vona and C. Rigano
Regulation of cytosolic glutamine synthetase in the model legume Medicago truncatula
H. Carvalho and J. Cullimore
The influence of elevated rhizosphere dissolved inorganic carbon concentrations on carbon and nitrogen metabolism in tomato roots
M.D. Cramer and M.M.van der Westhuizen
The influence of dissolved inorganic carbon in the root zone on nitrogen uptake and the interaction between carbon and nitrogen metabolism
C.A. van der Merwe and M.D.Cramer
Conclusions and perspectives
C.H. Foyer

Section III; N and growth regulation: environmental adaptation
Part I: Inorganic nitrogen uptake, supply, allocation, partitioning, reduction

M.L. Champigny
Growth and photosynthesis in sunflower plants supplied with different sources of nitrogen and two magnesium levels
B. Lasa, S. Frechilla, M. Quemada, P.M. Aparicio-Tejo and C. Lamsfus
Ammonium effects on NPK, mineral content and NR and GS activities of rose plants
H.L. Cabrera, M.C. Cid, J.M. Siverio and M.C. Ruano
Interaction between water and nutrient deficiencies in Helianthus annuus
F. Fonseca, M.M. David, I. Barrote, G. Ferreira and M.J. Correia
Spatial regulation of nitrate reductase during lateral root initiation and development of the primary root of chicory
S. Rambour, C. Vuylsteker, N. Druart, J.F. Tetu, B. Huss and P. Goupil
Involvement of free polyamines and amino acids in the adventitious rooting of micropropagated
grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) shoots
C. Neves, H. Santos, L. Villas-Boas and S. Amâncio
Genotype modulates the effect of nitrate supply on shoot/root ratio, chicon morphology and
susceptibility to soft rot of belgian endive (Cichorium intybus L.)
C. Richard-Molard and M.A. Limami
Interchange of shoot and root signals during competition and limiting nitrogen
E. Zdunek, O. Falik, K. Fülöp, M. Gersani and S.H. Lips
Xylem and phloem transport, assimilation and partitioning of nitrogen in Ricinus communis
under several nutritional conditions
A.D. Peuke
Growth, yield, nodulation and N2 fixation of soybean genotypes as affected by nitrate addition
Y. Gan, I. Stulen, S. Tang and P.J.C. Kuiper
Effect of elevated CO2 on growth and gas exchange of symbiotic and nitrate-dependent pea plants
P.M. Cabrerizo, C. Arrese-Igor and P.M. Aparicio-Tejo
Part II: System of signals
M.L. Champigny
Mo-enzymes at the crossroads of signal transmission from root to shoot
S.H. Lips, R.T. Omarov and M. Sagi
Heat stress-related interactions of polyamines and ethylene in halophyte Mesembryanthemum
crystallinum L.
N.I. Shevyakova, D.B. Dam, V.Y. Rakitin and V.V. Kuznetsov
Possible novel role of proline in stress adaptation
V.P. Kholodova, D.S. Neto, A.G. Kruglova, S.N. Alexandrova and V.V. Kuznetsov
Nitrate uptake and nitrogen allocation in wheat as affected by exogenous cytokinins
M. Trcková and M. Kamínek
Distribution of aldehyde oxidase proteins in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) seedlings as
affected by nitrogen ions, proteases and heat-treatment
R.T. Omarov and S.H. Lips
Nitrate reductase of the extreme salt-tolerant Rhodotorula glutinis yeast
N.P. L’vov, A.N. Nosikov, M.I.M. Soares and R.A. Zvyagilskaya

Section IV; NH4 in the environment. Molecular and physiological responses of plants
G. Mäck and M. Mattsson
Part I: Methods for NH4+ measurement
G. Mäck and M. Mattsson
The analysis of ammonium in plant tissues
S. Husted, C.A. Hebbern, M. Mattsson and J.K. Schjørring
Determination of ammonium concentrations in soils and plant extracts
C. Cruz and M.A. Martins-Loução
Ammonium-selective microelectrodes measurements in plant cells
D.M. Wells and A.J. Miller
Part II: NH4+ in the environment- soil and atmosphere
G. Mäck and M. Mattsson
Nitrogen in green tea plants and in their environment
T. Yoneyama
Physiological regulation of plant-atmosphere ammonia exchange
J.K. Schoerring, S. Husted, G. Mäck, K.H. Nielsen, J. Finnemann and M. Mattsson
NH3 and NO2 fluxes between the atmosphere and the twigs of adult beech trees
A. Geßler, M. Rienks, H. Rennenberg
The use of stable isotopes to study the fate of nitrogen inputs to forest ecosystems
G. Gebauer
Part III: Responses of plants to external NH4+. Physiological and molecular approaches
G. Mäck and M. Mattsson
Translocation of NH4+ in oilseed rape plants in relation to glutamine synthetase isogene
expression and activity
J. Finneman and J.K. Schjørring
Is glutamine synthetase ammonium-regulated?
T. Tercé-Laforgue and B. Hirel
Expression of the bacterial gdhA gene encoding a NADPH glutamate dehydrogenase in tobacco
and corn increased tolerance to the phosphinothricin herbicide
R. Ameziane, K. Bernhard, D. Lightfoot

Section V &endash; N fertilization and land management
O. Lewis
New approaches to enhanced ammonium assimilation in plants
M.A. Martins-Loução, C. Cruz and P.M. Correia
“Cultan” cropping system: fundamentals, state of development and perspectives
K. Sommer
Fate of nitrogen in a cereal/legume rotation amended with sewage sludge
M. Quemada, B. Lasa, C. Lamsfus and P.M. Aparicio-Tejo
The effect of winter crops on subsequent maize establishment and yield
M.D. Báez, J.M. Estavillo, M. Pinto, M.B. González-Moro and M. Rodríguez
Availability of nitrogen from 15N-labelled cyanobacteria and ammonium sulphate to rice
E. Fernández Valiente, A. Ucha, A. Quesada, F. Leganés and R. Carreres
Utilisation of split-applied 15N-fertilizer by two winter wheat varieties in pot experiments
K. Berecz, K. Debreczeni and M. Présing
E. Kirkby

General Conclusions
Nitrogen in a sustainable environment: a matter of integration
M.A. Martins-Loução and S. H. Lips

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Nitrogen in a Sustainable Ecosystem
- From the cell to the plant -

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M.A. Martins - Loução & S.H. Lips
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