About the book:

This attractive little book deals with the life of the Victorian naturalist John Keast Lord (1819-1872). It describes his early life in Devon, his qualification as a veterinary surgeon, his subsequent wanderings in North America, his part in the Crimean campaign, his services as naturalist, veterinarian and transport manager with the British North-American Boundary Commission of 1858-1862, his subsequent career as author and journalist, his Red Sea expedition of 1868-1869, and his final appointment as manager of the Brighton Aquarium. Notes on William Bullock's Egyptian Hall, where Lord lectured, and on the dispersal of Bullock's zoological collections are included. Appendices list material in the Natural History Museum collected by Lord on the Boundary Commission, species named after him, his scientific papers, and a selection of his other writings.

A very good read on one of those classical multifaceted natural history adventurers of the 19th century.