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Vertebrates January 2009

Travel & Scientific Research January 2009

Ichthyology January 2009

Mammalogy January 2009

Journals & Series January 2009

Palaeontology (Cat.119) January 2009

Herpetology (Cat.118) January 2009

Ornithology (Cat.117) January 2009

Evolution & Tools for Research (Cat.116) January 2009

Botany (Cat.115) December 2008

Malacology (Cat.114) November 2008

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. . . on our homepage. Feel free to wander around. Our online catalogue will give you up-to-date information regarding our present stock of books. Similar as in the printed version you will find here all the book descriptions and prices. The main advantage of the online catalogue is the possibility of searching books of your interest by specific keywords. Our World Wide Web - pages also contain an electronic order form. Ordering by E-mail is also possible. Please include in every E-mail message your voice number, fax number and full postal address. Don't forget to bookmark our web-address:

Dr. W. Backhuys,
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We shall be pleased to send you a printed version of our catalogues on a regular basis. Please send us an E-mail and give your special fields of interest.

Antiquarian books
Next to being a publisher of new books, we also have an antiquarian department in various biological fields such as Algology, Entomology, Ichthyology, Malacology, Ornithology, Mammalogy, Botany, General marine biology, Palaeontology etc. We shall be pleased to send you the specific catalogues you may want or to discuss buying or trading books and journals.
Publishing and distribution
We are always interested to discuss the possibilities to publish your manuscripts or to distribute the publications of your institute.

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