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On this site I like to show objects of Japanese Art and Craft that were made with influence of Western culture. In Art History most attention has been given to the big influence of Japanese Art on the development of Western Art and Craft in the second half of the nineteenth century.The fashion of Japonism and the influence on Impressionism and Art Nouveau is described in many Art History books and shown in many Exhibitions. Less well documented is the Western influence on Japanese Art and Craft in different historical periods,
and this site wants to show objects from this perspective .

Japanese Art in Western Style Watercolours

J. Kasagi

Divers artist

G. Yokouchi

T. Yamauchi

Nagasaki Export Lacquer with Mother of Pearl

Lacquer Box with
view of Amsterdam

lacquer boxes

Export Lacquer

Export Lacquer

Writing Desk

Western Style Portraits in Japanese Art

Japanese Bronze Bustes

Meiji Emperor
in silver relief

1927 H.Yoshida

Portrait painting
on silk

Different materials

Writing Table

on porcelain

Seto Porcelain


on Velvet

Serie of 4 Paintings
on Velvet

Silk Wall Tapestry

Japanese Art History

For a short survey of the history click here

A very interesting dissertation on Japanese Export Furniture from
the Meiji and earlier periods is written by Yumiko Yamamori

Look also for essay's on Nanban and Meiji Art by Tanya Grassley

When you are interested in viewing other objects of Art visit the Online Exhibition
of Japanese Art and Antiques

Nikosan Oriental Art

If you have any questions or have interesting objects to show please contact me.
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