The Tenor Addo Kruizinga was born October 18th, 1965 at Eindhoven. After Addo got his VWO diploma he started the study of Economic Psycologie at Tilburg which he accomplished in 1990.

Since 1986 he had private singinglessons taught by Edward Hoepelman. Actinglessons he got by the American director Ruffus Collins. Addo was also active as lead-singer in different rock bands. In 1992 he recorded the cd 'Land of Dreams' with the band Rubicon.

In 1994 this guy performed at the Royal Ballet of Vlaanderen as Judas in the musical 'Jezus Christ Superstar'. After this he stayed at the same company and had the role of Freddy Trumper in the musical 'Chess'. At the Vereinigte Buhnen Wien Addo performed from June 1995 till May 1996 as Der Tod in the musical producrion 'Elisabeth'.

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